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Anthony Resta is a bad motorcycle Vhhnn Vhhnn Vhhnn! 
-Peter Collins, Producer

Chris and I have had the pleasure of working with AJ and Karyadi on a multitude of projects, but couldn’t wait to have AJ’s solo effort in house!   It’s an amazing creative experience that’s long overdue.
– Robert Robles, GM, Sterling Sound

Not so ancient aliens taking you through an audio stargate to the past, present and future of hits. 
- (Pesci) Jeff Gray, Music Supervisor/Hunnypot Radio Host

Every time I walk into Bopnique, its walls are filled with hipness, coolness and quality that is bonded by the love of music and songs. 
-Ed Roland, Singer-Songwriter, Collective Soul

The music is trippy and otherworldly while somehow remaining upbeat.  Ajax is a happy alien who has come in peace to make our ears feel good!
- Michael Chiklis, Actor

Atmospheric, beautiful and complex but still has loads of hooks, as you would expect from Anthony - this is a true “album” chock full of sonic candy.  You’ll want to listen from start to finish (preferably on great speakers or phones).
- Alan Stewart, Sg management

Ajax Ray O’Vaque uses the best musical elements of the past to propel his music to the future!  An incredible album that is both familiar AND brand new! FANTASTIC!
-John Frye, 3x Grammy Award winning Mixing Engineer

Candy coated sonic alchemy sprinkled with sci-fi mambo sexsonics and dipped in subatomic electronic impulses riding through a canyon of protomatter on the backs of galloping wild holographic beasts, who are making love to daisies with f*cking lasers on their heads.  Well, what else did you expect?
- Eric Alexandrakis, Composer/Music Supervisor Minoan Music

Anthony and Karyadi are true musical scientists.  Their knowledge of recording, production, effects, instruments, and creation of unique sounds is like no other.  They integrate invention with composition and always test the boundaries of music.  Dreaming In Subtitles is another perfect example.
-  Jimmy Walorz, National Director, Promotion East Coast, Walt Disney Music Group

Anthony’s work is a breath of fresh air. It’s fun and quirky while simultaneously bold and thought inducing.  Did I mention fun? 
- Joe Mullens, Songwriter/Owner Performance Music Centre Woburn, MA

Anthony is a true artist in the renaissance sense of artistry.  Some people ask where all the real artists have gone- well, they’re right here.
-John Cate, Singer-Songwriter

Working with Anthony is a dream come true for me.  I continue to study and learn from his productions.   Hearing his new solo album reminds me of exactly why I consider Anthony to be a true genius.  He is someone that I love to work with, but I love to hang with him even more!
-Ryan Hoyle,

Anthony J. Resta’s productions always comprise elements that prompt the question, “What is THAT?!”  It might be a vintage guitar run through a series of pedals and a Leslie, a toy piano from a flea market, a sound he carefully crafted layer by layer using a rare synthesizer, or simply - lo and behold - a live instrument.  He can turn any object into music and any thought into a song.  If Zappa and Lennon have a cover band in Heaven, then Dreaming in Subtitles is surely on their set list.  It is an innovative but accessible extravaganza of melody, percussion, and witty, poignant lyrics that are all but absent from today’s music.
- Andrea Surova, Singer-Songwriter


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